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Professor Edward Mogul


James Redfield

Edward Olson Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Classics , 
Committee on Social Thought and Committee on the Ancient Mediterranean World and New Collegiate Division,
University of Chicago
1126 E. 59th St. 
Chicago IL 60637.
University of Chicago BA, General and Special Honors, l954; 
Advanced Student, New College, Oxford, 1956-58; 
PhD University of Chicago 1961.


Academic Positions: 
Instructor in Social Thought, University of Chicago, 1960-61; 
Assistant Professor of Social Thought, 1962-65, Associate Professor of Social Thought 1965-75; 
Master, New Collegiate Division, 1965-70; 
Chairman of Social Thought, l968-70; 
Professor of Social Thought, 1976-; 
Professor of Classics and Associate Member of the Department of Anthropology, 1977-; 
Master, Collegiate Division of the Humanities, 1982-85; 
Acting Master, New Collegiate Division, 1983-85; 
Chairman, Committee on the Ancient Mediterranean World, 1993-97.

Visiting Appointments: 
Charles Lecturer, Earlham College, 1977; 
Visiting Professor of Classics, Dartmouth College, 1980; 
Gildersleeve Professor, Barnard College, 1981; 
Martha Sutton Weeks Fellow, Stanford Humanities Center, l986; 
NEH Visiting Scholar, University of Puget Sound, 1986; 
Biggs Scholar in Residence, Washington University in St. Louis, 1992; 
Associate, Stanford Humanities Center, 1997-98.

Honors & Awards: 
Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1956-57; 
Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 1965. 
NEH Younger Scholars Fellowship, 1970-71 ACLS Fellowship, 1980-81. 
Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching 1987. 
NEH Travel to Collections Grant, 1989; 
Medal of the Prime Minister of Italy, 1997; 
Norman MacLean Award, U Chicago Alumni 2002.

Professional Activities: 
Colorado Springs Workshop in Liberal Education, 1968-81. 
Haverford College Visiting Committee, 1968-69. 
Hampshire College Ten-year review, 1980-81. 
Numerous consultancies for the NEH and accreditation visits for the North Central and New England States Associations; independent consulting. Associate Editor: Classical Philology. Director, Kenchreai Excavations.

Select Publications: 
"Nature and Culture in the Iliad: The Tragedy of Hector." University of Chicago Press, 1975. Also in French, Spanish, and Modern Greek. 2nd expanded edition, Duke University press, 1994.

Translator (with Kathy Atlass) of The Cult of Pan in Ancient Greece (Recherches sur le dieu Pan) by Philippe Borgeaud, Chicago 1988

"A Lecture on Plato's Apology," The Journal of General Education, 1963; with a reply to a reply, "Socrates and Mr. Bosmajian," JGE, 1965.

"Comedy, Tragedy, and Politics in Aristophanes' Frogs," Chicago Review; also in German translation in Antaios, 1963.

"The Making of the Odyssev," in Essays in Western Civilization (1967), ed. Botstein and Carnovsky; reprinted in Parnassus Revisited, ed. A. Yu, 1973.

"Über die Odvsee," Antaios 1968.

"The Women of Sparta," Classical Journal 1978.

"The Proem of the Iliad: Plato's Art," Classical Philology 1979 .

"Speech as a Personality Symbol: The Case of Achilles" (with Paul Friedrich), Language; with a reply to a reply, "Contra Messing" (with Paul Friedrich), Language, 1981.

"Notes on the Greek Wedding," Arethusa 1982

"The Economic Man," in Approaches to Homer, ed. Rubino and Schelmerdine (University of Texas Press, 1983).

"Louis Gernet" (review article), American Journal of Philology 1983 .

"Warfare and the Hero in the Classical World," Laetaberis 1984 .

"An Aristotelian Analysis of Miss Moppet," Chicago Review 1985 .

“Herodotus the Tourist”. Classical Philology, 1985.

“Le sentiment homerique de moi”. Le Genre Humain. 1985.

“The Development of the Market in Archaic Greece," in The Market in History, ed. Anderson and Latham (London: Croom Helm, 1986).

”From Sex to Politics: The Rites of Artemis Triklaria and Dionysus Aisymnetes at Patras” in Before Sexuality, ed. Halperin, Winkler, & Zeitlin (Princeton University Press, 1990).

"Drama and Community: Aristophanes and Some of His Rivals," in Nothing to Do With Dionysus, ed. Winkler and Zeitlin (Princeton University Press, 1990).

"J.-P. Vernant: Structure and History" (Review article), Journal of the History of Religions 1990 .

"Anthropology and the Classics," Arion 1991.

“The Sexes in Hesiod” Annals of Scholarship 1992.

“Homo Domesticus” in The Greeks ed. J.-P. Vernant (U Chicago Press, 1995); originally published in Italian (Laterza, 1991),also published in French, Spanish, Modern Greek, and German.

“The Politics of Immortality,” Recherches et Rencontres 1991.

“Thucydides’ Quarrel with the Facts” in Cultural Visions ed. Gold & Sax, Rodopi, Amsterdam and Atlanta 1999.

“Poetry and Philosophy in Aristophanes’ Clouds”in Literary Imagination, Ancient and Modern (Essays…Grene) ed. Breyfogle, U Chicago Press, 1999.

“La guerre et le héros dans le monde classique” Europe # 865 May 2001.


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