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Professor Edward Mogul


Edward Mogul

Professor of Humanities
Wright College
4300 N. Narragansett
Chicago, IL 60634


Yale, B.A., 1966
University of Illinois, J.D., 1969
University of Chicago, M.L.A., 2010


Positions Held

Faculty member, City Colleges of Chicago, 1969 to present
Director, Unicorn Foundation, a charity, 1989 to present (currently serving as President)
50th President of the Illinois Academy of Criminology, 1999-2001
Distinguished Professor, Wright College, 2011


(The following were panel discussions on various aspects of Criminal Justice Reform that have been archived through the Illinois Academy of Criminology)

University of Chicago School of Law, Death Penalty Reform
Kent College of Law, Videotaping Interrogations and Confessions
DePaul University, What Makes a Good Judge?
John Marshall Law School, What Makes a Good Prosecutor?
Northwestern University Medical School, The Mentally Ill Offender

Appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court Special Committee on Capital Litigation and proposed that Illinois adopt a new rule for the conduct of prosecutors based on the ABA standard that: “it is the duty of the prosecutor to seek justice, not merely to convict.”  The proposal was adopted by the full court and became law effective March, 2001.

Literature Lecture Series

In October, 1994, appeared on a Faculty Council Debate, televised by WYCC, the City Colleges of Chicago channel, proposed and defended the position that the City Colleges teach the Great Books.

In 1996, initiated a literature program at Wright College, Scholars at Wright, giving literary experts an opportunity to share their insights on one great book per semester to Wright College students, local advanced placement high school students and members of the community.

Scholars at Wright has taught Great Books to growing numbers of students, and, in 1997, received a mini-grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Illinois Humanities Council and the Illinois General Assembly.


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