What is the Hebrew Bible? When we want to say something is a familiar place to look for answers, we call it a "bible." But the Hebrew Bible (AKA the Old Testament) raises questions, too. It was written in a place most of us have never been, by members of an alien culture who have been dead for thousands of years. Not only does the Bible never say Moses wrote it, but indeed there is arguably no outside evidence of Moses' existence. So how do we understand the Bible as a religious document and a historical reality? To find out, we will look at the Bible's context and what the Bible says about itself.

The course was taught by Seth Sanders, Ph.D., Bible and Near Eastern Studies, Johns Hopkins University. He also studied at Harvard and Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and is an editor of Cuneiform in Canaan, the first complete collection of Babylonian texts from Israel.

The course met on five Saturdays from 3:00 to 4:30 PM, June 15,22,29 and July 6 and 13. Presented by Scholars at Wright.

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